DAV Auxiliary State Department of Wisconsin

Life Membership

Life Membership Rate:  $250

Age 80 and older: Free

Always provide a date of birth to guarantee assignment in the correct life membership cost category.

Junior Membership

Involve the youth community. Junior membership is complimentary through age 17, or get an early start on a Junior life membership.

Families are encouraged to start a life membership for children to lock in the life membership rate of $250.00 with a $20 down payment. Payments can be made at the family’s discretion. Any amount paid while under the age of 18 will be applied to the life membership amount of $250.00.

Sign up online: 



Sponsor Points

Paper Applications
Sponsors that recruit members using a paper application are awarded one point when a new part-life member is recruited, and are subsequently awarded an additional point should that member convert to a full-life member. If a new member is sponsored as a full-life member from the beginning two points are immediately awarded.

Online Applications
Sponsors that recruit members through www.davauxiliary.org are awarded one point when a new part-life member is recruited; however, once they convert to full-life members the sponsor will be awarded two additional points, for a total of three points. If a new member is signed up as a full-life member from the beginning three points will be immediately awarded.

When recruiting new members…..

  • Always inform new members that the membership year begins July 1 and ends the following June 30.

  • Advise new part-life members they will receive quarterly payment reminders.

  • Urge new members to begin their Auxiliary membership with a $20 down payment toward a life membership. They have the privilege of making annual payments if they so choose.

  • Remember that our eligibility requirements have significantly expanded to include extended family members of disabled veterans and not-dishonorably discharged veterans. Check the constitution and bylaws or web site for further clarification.

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